What Makes Muscles Grow?

Great little TED-ED video by Jeffrey Siegel that explains the basics for building muslce:

Eating enough protein (protein is the building block of muscle tissue) – as per the FAQ, between 0.8 up 1.2g per lean pound (more is not necessarily better). Eating adequate calories – to build muscle, you need extra energy from enough calories -You can’t build from sweat alone- These calories can come from protein, carbs or fat, (preferably, from the latter two, as protein is better used for repair and growth). If you are following a ketogenic diet, your extra calories should come from Fats. Note: your own body fat serves as…
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The Ketogains TKD (Targeted Ketogenic Diet) Protocol

The TKD (Targeted Ketogenic Diet) protocol is a specialist and advanced approach for ketogenic athletes that will allow one to lift harder and heavier, do some extra reps, as well as promote muscle growth while minimizing fat gain (as long as diet and training are on par, of course).


The Targeted Ketogenic Diet (TKD) is nothing more than the standard ketogenic diet (SKD) with carbohydrates consumed at specific times around exercise. This means that extra carbohydrates are consumed on days when exercise is performed.

If fat loss is the goal, the number of calories consumed as carbohydrates should be subtracted from…
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The Art and Science of Low Carbohydrate Performance by Jeff S Volek and Stephen D. Phinney – a Summary

The Art and Science of Low Carbohydrate Performance by  Doctors Jeff S. Volek and Stephen D. Phinney should be a must read for everyone interested in doing keto for athletic performance.

So here it is, a summary with the finer points of the book. I encourage you to go and buy the book, which is a great resource of factual information to help you along your ketogenic journey.

Use this summary as a guide, as it goes hand in hand…
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The #CoconutOilChallenge Begins!

What is the #CoconutOilChallenge?


The challenge is a fun way to challenge your friends and help spread the word on the therapeutic applications of a well formulated Ketogenic Diet, as to help treat certain diseases, such as cancer, autism, ALS, Parkinson’s Disease, type-2 diabetes, and traumatic brain injury, among others.

The Charlie Foundation has pioneered the use of Ketogenic Diets since 1994, and we think we should help it keep doing its great work.


These are the rules for the challenge: Challenge should be recorded and uploaded via the Social Media Platform of your choice, and use the hashtag…
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Exogenous Ketones: To Ketone or Not To Ketone

My thoughts on Exogenous Ketones

After being contacted (following the Youtube Q&A) by several folks – both members of Ketogains and Internet strangers, I felt compelled to write as fair and even-handed a write-up on exogenous ketone supplementation as I feel can be mustered. I condition my response by saying this – I want to deal only in evidence and hypotheses grounded in biochemistry.

I admit up front that this will probably become something of a treatise on what constitutes a well-formulated ketogenic diet. I don’t have the time (or the energy) to put together a…
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Weight Loss Secrets…. REVEALED!


Ok guys.

Now that I got your attention, please read this.

I felt the words below were poignant and highly relevant to many people struggling with weight loss.

The public needs to realize that achieving significant weight loss is a monumentally challenging, mind-numbing, daily grind. It’s not a stroll through the park where you’re faithful to an “off limits” food list, and look like a superhero by the time you click your heels and get back home to Kansas.

People have to realize that caloric deficits gradually diminish as weight is lost…
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Supplements and Ketogenic Diets – Facts and Myths

Suggested supplements that work well with all ketogenic diets (SKD, TKD, CKD)


Although SUPPLEMENTS ARE REALLY NOT NECESSARY, most of them do not impair ketosis and in fact, work very well together.

The only thing you have to be mindful of is the actual carbohydrate content of  your supplements. Prefer those that contain very little or no carbs at all – just because a supplement has dextrose, maltodextrin or sugar, does not mean its “bad” – in fact, it could be put to use as part of the TKD protocol. The “poison” is in the dose.

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DarthLuiggi’s Featured Podcasts

Hello guys!

Here is a collection of some Q&As, Interwiews, and Podcasts I have been featured on.

PRIMAL EDGE HEALTH: 14 years in ketosis, you can build muscle on ketogenic diet – Darthluiggi interview PRIMAL EDGE HEALTH: Q&A with Darthluiggi – Ketogains FAQ, macros, strength training, bodybuilding FAT ADAPTED ATHLETE: Q&A with Darthluiggi of Ketogains PART 1 FAT ADAPTED ATHLETE: Q&A with Darthluiggi of Ketogains PART 2 THE SUPERHERO MAKER CRAIG PREISENDORF: Ketogains Teamup #1

Ketogains Novice Kettlebell Workout

This program is a variation of the classic 5×5 program, but done with Kettlebells.

The program is to be conducted 3 days a week for Strength Training and 2 days a week for Fat Burn, alternating workout A&B on non-consecutive days.


WEEK ONE WEEK TWO Day 1 – Workout A Day 1 – Workout B Day 2 – Fat Burn: HIIT Day 2 – Fat Burn: HIIT Day 3 – Workout B Day 3 – Workout A Day 4 – Fat Burn: HIIT Day 4 – Fat Burn: HIIT Day 5 – Workout A Day 5 – Workout B Days 6 & 7 – Rest Days 6 &…
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