A professional, multidisciplinary team.

At Ketogains, we feel confident that your fitness and health goals can be achieved with the knowledge, experience, and passion of our multidisciplinary team.

We are a team of professionals with varied and complimentary experiences, qualifications, and skills that have helped define and refine our protocols: Nutritionists, Fitness Trainers, Health Coaches, MDs, Dentists, Plastic Surgeons and Scientists, and Researchers are part of our Coaching and Advisory Team.

Luis Villasenor

Ketogains Founder
One on One Trainer
Bootcamp Coach

Tyler Cartwright

Ketogains Co-Founder
One on One Trainer
Bootcamp Coach

Zach Moore

Personal Trainer/Coach – (English)

Brenda Richards

Bootcamp Coach – (English)

Aimee Owsley

Bootcamp Coach – (English)

Marisol Umana

Bootcamp Coach – (Spanish/French/English)

Oscar Banderas

Bootcamp Coach – (Spanish/English)