Don’t Fall Victim To Ketone Envy.

Ever wanted to know what it means to have more or less ketones, and how should we measure them?


A common misconception of ketones, since they are produced from fat, is that more ketones = more fat burning.

This sadly is not the case.

Let’s explore some entry level biochemistry.

So the image below  is about the most simple one that I like and we can use for our purposes. With carb reduction, fats first enter lipolysis (about 50-150g of carbs/day). Yes, someone can maintain this level of carb reduction and not be in ketosis yes still use free…
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Context in The Ketogenic Diet

Frequently, we receive questions to the website, Facebook, Reddit, etc that all seem to center around the same set of questions:

• Should I add more/less/the same amount of ________ to my diet?
• What should macros look like?
• How much rest should I take between sets?
• Should I add another hour to my sleep schedule?
• What should I wear tomorrow?

OK, so we probably don’t get the last question all that often – but the point still remains. We are often asked questions that may seem to be completely unrelated, but the…
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