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A well-formulated Ketogenic Diet vs 90% Fat “Ketogenic Diet”


My name is Mike Berta.

I’m an engineer in the Seattle area and I have been on a ketogenic diet for almost 5 years now.

I enjoy doing “different types” of ketogenic diets in personal experiments which are commonly referred as “N=1″.

Recently I completed the Ketogains September 2018 bootcamp called “Barbell Therapy”.  Ketogains bootcamps involve personalized macros that are still ketogenic but do not follow the classic therapeutic approach to ketosis, as the goal is Body Recomposition and not to treat an underlying medical condition or disfunction.  Back in July of 2018 for about a week I did…
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Why I Stopped Testing my Ketones on a Ketogenic Diet

On measuring Ketones.

Like many people, when I first started a Ketogenic diet in early 2014 I bought the Ketostix and just couldn’t wait to see the color change.

And change it did!

It was neat, and it provided motivation for me to continue.

Eventually, I got a blood meter, a breath meter and spent lots of time (and money) testing ketones. Between a Ketonix Breath Ketone Analyzer, as well as dozens of blood ketone test strips, I’ve probably spent well over $500 testing ketones. The main thing I learned from my extensive ketone testing regimen is that…
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