Podcast: Luis Villasenor with Guillermo Ruiz of 30/30Health.com

On this podcast, Guillermo Ruiz of 30/30 Health interviews Luis about various topics:


  • Luis’s beginnings and “hero’s journey”
  • The importance of questioning current dogma
  • The “why’s and hows” of everything
  • The importance of salt and electrolytes
  • Some common low carb / keto pitfalls
  • The current state of low carb science
    And more!

You can listen directly HERE


About Author

International Speaker, Personal Trainer, Ketogains founder. Luis is regarded as one of the most experienced and knowledgeable persons on Low-Carb / Ketogenic dieting, and is the “go to guy” when applying a Low-Carb diet for Bodybuilding and Strength Training by well-known and respected insiders, leaders, influencers of the low carb/paleo and general fitness community.