Ketogains Boot Camps – July Edition

Ready to take the next step in your fitness and nutritional goals? Well we have the thing just for you: Ketogains Boot Camps.

Our greatest experts and coaches will be conducting two paid private boot camps for beginners and intermediates. This is the opportunity to join a private group of people for motivation and receiving specially designed programs and coaching from Luis Villaseñor, Tyler Cartwright, Zach More and Jeremy McAlister.

Check out the info below, we’re ready to start on July 18th so click the links to register and pay to get into the best ketogenic fitness boot camp program ever!

About Author

Amateur natty bodybuilder/powerlifter, marketeer, entrepeneur and all around great guy... Lifting since 1996, ketogenic since 2001.


  1. Melissa Hays

    How do I know what category to register for? I have been lifting for 18 years, but have started keto 4 months ago off and on.

    1. darthluiggi (Post author)

      The question is in regards to training expertise, not keto.

      If you know the ins and outs of strength training, then intermediate may be the best fit for you.


  2. Mary

    I was wondering about the boot camp, Can you join anytime or do I have to wait for the next camp?

    1. Tyler Cartwright

      YOu will need to wait until the next bootcamps, as they are cohort-based, meaning that the group that starts together finishes together.


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