Ketogains Novice Kettlebell Workout

This program is a variation of the classic 5×5 program, but done with Kettlebells.

The program is to be conducted 3 days a week for Strength Training and 2 days a week for Fat Burn, alternating workout A&B on non-consecutive days.


Day 1 – Workout A Day 1 – Workout B
Day 2 – Fat Burn: HIIT Day 2 – Fat Burn: HIIT
Day 3 – Workout B Day 3 – Workout A
Day 4 – Fat Burn: HIIT Day 4 – Fat Burn: HIIT
Day 5 – Workout A Day 5 – Workout B
Days 6 & 7 – Rest Days 6 & 7 – Rest



Exercise Equipment Muscle Sets Reps
Double Kettebell Squats Kettlebell Legs 4 12
Double Floor Press Kettlebell Chest 4 12
Double Kettlebell Bent Over Row Kettlebell Back 4 12
Dual Kettlebell Snatchs Kettlebell Traps 4 12
Kettlebell Overhead Triceps Extension Kettlebell Triceps 4 12
Ketlebell Bicep Curls Kettlebell Biceps 4 12



Exercise Equipment Muscle Sets Reps
Double Kettebell Squats Kettlebell Legs 4 12
Kettlebell Deadlift Kettlebell Back 4 12
Double Kettlebell Military Press Kettlebell Shoulders 4 12
Double Kettlebell Bent Over Row Kettlebell Back 4 12
Kettlebell Overhead Triceps Extension Kettlebell Triceps 4 12
Ketlebell Bicep Curls Kettlebell Biceps 4 12



Exercise Equipment Muscle Sets Reps
HIIT: Kettlebell Swings Kettlebell Core / Body 5 20
LISS Cardio Machine of your choice Heart  20 min

Note: For Cardio, I suggest a machine that you are not used to and is hard, such as Stair Climbing machine. You do not add weight to these exercises. Start Kettlebells swings with 20 to 30 lbs., increase if easy.

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Amateur natty bodybuilder/powerlifter, marketeer, entrepeneur and all around great guy… Lifting since 1996, ketogenic since 2001.


  1. Amanda-jayne Kay

    I’m wanting to start this workout but I need to know what weight kettle bells I need and how many of each please? I’m a complete newbie but already have some kettle bells but no other weights, hence starting this one. I’ve lost 70lbs so far since November with the ketogenic way of eating and need to strengthen and tone please.

    1. darthluiggi (Post author)

      Amanda, no one can tell you what weight to use – you need to try that for yourself.

      Go to store and try different weights:

      This question is typically a lot more common among beginners, but it’s really a question that can arise at every experience level the first time you do an exercise you’ve never done before or just haven’t done in a long time.

      Remember that your goal is to use a weight that is light enough for you to do the number of reps you are trying to do per set for that exercise, but still heavy enough so that you couldn’t do additional reps beyond that point.

      For example, let’s pretend that you’re trying to do 3 sets of 8 reps for an exercise.
      The weight you use needs to be light enough so you can actually get to about 8 reps in all 3 of your sets (without reaching failure), but still heavy enough so that you couldn’t lift that weight many more times than the 8 reps you are setting out to do.

      Meaning, if you couldn’t reach 8 reps or at least get to within 1 or 2 reps shy of 8 in all 3 of your sets in this example, the weight is probably too heavy.

      However, if you did 8 reps in all of your sets but could have kept going and probably done more than 10, then the weight in this example is probably too light.
      The middle ground between those two points… that’s the sweet spot you’re aiming for.

      To find this “sweet spot”, choose a weight that you know will be a little too light and easy for you and then lift it for your desired amount of reps (with perfect form, obviously).
      Based on how that set felt, just gradually adjust until you end up in your sweet spot.

  2. Jennie

    What range of kettlebell weights should a relatively strong but complete noob/unpracticed weight trainer use? All I have at home are 2 x 8 lb weights which i’ll double for certain exercises. …but I want to invest in a few weights to increase range of activities, etcetera. Also, should I always buy a set of each or maybe no? Thanks for your help!

  3. Shelly

    Hola Luis! Si sólo tengo una pesa rusa (de 12 kgs), puedo hacer las repeticiones con un brazo y luego con el otro o sugieres que compre otra? es que tampoco estoy segura de aguantar dos de 12 al mismo tiempo, mido como 1.54 y peso unos 63 kgs

    1. Shelly

      ya pobré a hacerlo así (alternando la pesa cuando es con dos), sólo que para los bicep curls tuve que hacerlo con ambas manos (como si fuera una barra), pero los snatchs.. no me atreví, sé que no podría y temo lesionarme (ya me lesioné un dedo con la pesa rusa y no pude entrenar 2 semanas), algun ejercicio con el que lo pueda sustituir??

  4. Yevgeny

    Hi there.
    Can I use dumbbells with this workout?
    I can’t afford a set of kettlebels at the moment, but have decent set of dumbbells.

    Thank you.

  5. M

    What is the rest time between sets?

  6. Tammy Turner

    I am starting this program this week. I am not familiar with “LISS cardio”? When it says, fat burn HIIT , am I just repeating the KB swing or where does this LISS cardio fit in?

  7. Bety

    Hola. que descansos se consideran entre los ejercicios.
    Se acaban los sets con sus repeticiones o se turnan los ejercicios?

    1. darthluiggi (Post author)

      Hola Bety,

      De 2 a 5 min de descanso entre ejercicio, y solo si lo necesitas. Haz cada ejercicio independientemente.

  8. Ejipuraboy

    Will these workouts help to get a ripped abs also? Pls guide

    1. Ejipuraboy

      Im a novice and have started Keto and has helped me lose weight. I was 73kgs and now I m 64 in three months with just little cardio exercise like cycling. I want to get a muscular body. So should i start with these workouts? Thanks in advance

      1. Rick Passmore

        The 5×5 novice program would be a better place to start for strength. You can build abs well with heavy deadlifts, squats and other compound lifts. However, diet will be the best way to reveal them.

  9. larry

    So im just starting this program like 4 days in, and i notice i cant complete the triceps extension and biceps curl portion. I will admit i am doing it currently with a single 35lb kb but it seems like once i get to those to sections i can get 2 sets in of each. The third set is muscle failure on like 3-4 reps.

    I currently have the one KB and have another 35 on the way to do the stuff as doubles. Should i keep working what i have to the muscle fail point, or reduce the reps and get more sets in?

    1. darthluiggi (Post author)

      You could reduce the weight you lift, and add extra reps.

      Use this formula to measure progress:

      Sets x Reps x Weight Lifted = Volume

      Your goal should be to increase volume each session. You can increase volume by adding more sets, more reps, or more weight lifted… but the weight has to also be heavy enough to generate effort.

  10. René

    That’s a killer kb workout. I will give this a try but only with single kb snatches.
    Thanks for the writeup!

  11. Luis fer

    Do weights increase every week or sets?/considering it is harder to up weight with KBs right?

    1. darthluiggi (Post author)

      You can increase weights as you are able to, or add more reps / sets.


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