Time to Give Back: Sponsor a Bootcamp Program

The Sponsor a Bootcamp Program


Hello guys;

As some of you are aware, Ketogains runs a fairly successful group coaching program – the Ketogains Bootcamps – in which we educate, empower and help people achieve changes in body composition and mindset.

So far, just over the last year, we have helped over 2,000 people improve their health and habits with our protocols (both via personalized and group coaching).

However, this is “private” coaching that of course, has a price – Ketogains is a business with expenses, after all – so not everyone is able to pay the enrollment price…. yet let us add that the content and advice you will find on Ketogains.com and our groups is FREE.

Now, returning back to the Ketogains Bootcamps; we have had several folks reach out over the past few bootcamps and sponsor individuals, when they, for whatever reason, cannot or opt not to participate in the bootcamp – In two cases, they participated and sponsored another camper. Lately we have had a number of you philanthropic folks to ask if there’s a fund or a way that you can help someone out.

This got us thinking, our concerns have always been that there is limited transparency to the community and to the donating individual(s) to showcase how they sponsored people are performing and the impact their aid is having on someone’s life. So we have come up with an interesting proposal:

We would like to open a “fund” for folks to contribute, and to permit folks who (for whatever financial or life circumstance reason) cannot afford to sign up for a Ketogains Bootcamp themselves: The Sponsor a Bootcamp Program.

And we are in with skin in the game too:

For every bootcamp participant people fund, Ketogains will take another member (the next-highest voted candidate) at no cost also!

We will take up to 4 applications PER BOOTCAMP (we run a new bootcamp every 7 weeks): 2 sponsored and 2 paid by us.

This to ensure a proper, focused Follow-up both by the community and the coaches.

We want to make this a community affair, however, so the winners will be obligated to follow certain rules, at the expense of being “fired” publicly from the sponsorship.


1. How to apply:

  • Sign an NDA on which one cannot publicize the material / routines of the bootcamp (just as any participant does);
  • Have the minimal pre-requisites for joining bootcamp (home equipment or commercial gym, cleared by doctor, being able to train 3 to +5 times a week);
  • Follow the Bootcamp guidelines; do the work in the gym and the diet; for the whole duration of the program (6 weeks);
  • Be accountable with the whole Ketogains community: update the group with weekly with pictures, weight, measurements and a brief write up of their experience and journey;
  • You will have to use the hashtag #kgbootcamp in your weekly updates;
  • Uphold moral values of integrity and acceptable social behaviors;
  • Communicate Ketogains values (Educate, Empower, Achieve) and the Socratic Method; as well as science and critical thinking over feelings;
  • Contribute to Ketogains (monetary, socially) as able to keep the fund going in the future.

If you want to be considered as a candidate for the Sponsor a Bootcamp Program:

First make sure you are OK with the outlined rules, and then, to apply, share your life story:

  • The reason why you cannot afford the Bootcamp: it has to be legitimate and inspiring; this is to change your life, not just to “lose a few pounds” or learn our system;
  • Why do you want to join the Bootcamp; share with the community how this will aid you along your journey;
  • Let people know what you’re ready to accomplish and include photos, and any material you think is important.

To be considered, you need to share your story in the facebook Ketogains Group with this Hasthag: #sponsorme

Make sure to include the following link: //bit.ly/kgsponsorme

Make this your application but also your flag in the ground.



2. How to donate / vote / fund someone’s Bootcamp:

  • Fill in this form: //bit.ly/kgsponsorme
  • Write the name of the person you want to sponsor, or write “Donate Funds” in the space if you don’t have anyone particular in mind;



3. How we choose winners:

  • Every 7 weeks, we will open donations for a few days, and during the time people can apply for sponsorship or make donations.
  • Once 3 spots are filled in, we will close the application and donation formats, to be open again for the next period.
  • For a vote to count, the donation must be of at least $1.00 US
  • Sponsorship will be granted based on the actual number of votes each person receives.
  • If someone donates a FULL sponsorship to a candidate, this person gets more leverage and extra consideration for the sponsorship.
  • The Ketogains coaching team has final saying on who gets the sponsorship, after reviewing all applicants submissions and votes.


We want to help as many people as possible: as long as the community keeps this going we are in for this as well.

Now, please do share!!!

Luis & Tyler


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