Ketogains Seminar Series – Las Vegas (Oct 8 & 9th)

Ketogains Seminar Series – Las Vegas!


$99 Earlybird Special on Tickets for the first 100 participants!

Current Speaker Lineup (Subject to Change & Addition):

  • Dr. Jacob Wilson
  • Ryan Lowery
  • Shawn Wells
  • Craig Preisendorf
  • Michael Trinchitella
  • Luis Villasenor
  • Tyler Cartwright

Product samples, Q&A Roundtable, and Open Discussion available.

Hotel room details and code for purchase will be provided very shortly.  Keep an eye out for that!



About Author

Tyler Cartwright
Former fat guy (well, I'm still fat...but less so and getting thinner and stronger). I've lost 295 lbs - while on a ketogenic diet. I love to lift, to learn, and to live...anything else...just ask.


  1. Henry


    I’m a ketogenic diet fanatic and am psyched about this conference. But I am also a starving college student [premed].

    Would I be able to volunteer for the event in exchange for seeing most of the talks? I have volunteered for a handful of conferences [Ancestral Health Symposium, Low Carb USA, etc].

    I’m fluent in Spanish and former fat kid myself.


  2. Michael Trinchitella

    Need to update the speakers list hint hint 😉 lol


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